Custom Built, Name Brand Fishing Rods, Rod Kits, Blanks, Components, & Training

Are you an fishing enthusiast or just like to build your own rod? Looking for a new premium fishing rod, perhaps without the premium price markup you've seen at your local sporting or fishing goods store? Maybe you are interested in a rod kit and building your own rod. By building your own rod, or L3Rods building your rod, you can specify the exact components, rod performance, and look you desire. L3Rods rods carry the same warrantees as the manufacturers.

Welcome to L3Rods.

We offer custom built fishing rods or rod kits from the following name-brand manufacturers:

L3Rods now has the Rainshadow XF Series (RX8 Fly) blanks that were recently discontinued by Batson Enterprises at very reasonable prices.

This also includes replacement sections for those needing them. Contact L3Rods for prices.

We'll be expanding this site to more fully describe our product offerings in the near future including rods, rod kits, and classes, but fishing season won't wait. For information, availability, and prices, send us e-mail.

Larry L. Lee = L3
Director of Product Quality Assurance Testing

Citrus Heights, CA

For prices, availability, and information, you can write us or call 916-962-0616 or 916-601-7853 cell/text.